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Updated: May 11, 2023

We have just completed Week 10 of the 17-week session. We are now just over half way through the 120-day session. Deadlines for bill passage through the Legislature will now be coming frequently as we progress to the first week in June. Last Friday was the first bill deadline. Any bill that did not get voted out of its committee of origin by Friday died for this session. Of course, the money bills are exempt from this deadline. The next deadline is April 25th for bill passage out the house of origin.

As I discussed Last week, I introduced four bills: Two of them never had a hearing or a vote in committee before the deadline and are now dead for this session. The other two were voted out of committee (Assembly Bill [AB]91 and AB191). As I said last week AB191 passed out of committee last week in Week 9; AB91 passed out of committee last Wednesday. In addition, AB191 was passed out of the Assembly on Friday with a vote of 42 to 0. AB191 has now been transmitted to the Senate.

My bill, AB91 provides regulatory relief to water right holders with wells on public lands. If the well fails and a new well needs to be drilled, then it can be drilled within 300 feet without going through a permitting process with the Nevada Division of Water Resources. This will benefit ranchers, farmers, and miners throughout the state.

Another bill I want to highlight this week, AB 376 – heard in the Assembly Committee on Government Affairs – would provide for paid family leave for state employees. There would be eight weeks of one-half pay over a 12-month period that could be used for time with a newborn, adopted child, recover from treatment for a serious illness, caring for a seriously ill family member, or preparing for military deployment of a family member. Currently, under the federal Family and Medical Leave Act, state employees are eligible for 12 weeks of unpaid leave to address these types of situations.

I would like to hear your thoughts on this bill.

If you are in Carson, please contact my attaché, Jeff Welte, at 775-684-8848, or email me at and schedule a meeting. I am interested in hearing your concerns with particular bills.

I am glad to be representing all of you in District 26. See you next week!

Rich DeLong

Assemblyman, District 26

Minority Whip


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