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WEEK #16 legislative update

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

Updates from the Legislature

We have just completed Week 16 of the 17-week session and here is your weekly update.

Friday was the deadline for the remaining bills to be passed through the second house. As a result, there were very few committee meetings, except for Ways and Means that met at least once each day and usually twice. In addition, there were multiple floor sessions each day that went into the evenings. Friday evening concluded at 10:30 pm on the Assembly side and close to midnight on the Senate side. The only bills that have not been voted upon and remain alive are the exempt money bills and any “emergency” bills.

There are two “emergency” bills that we have yet to see but have been told they are coming. One would be for the relocation of the Athletics Major Baseball League team from Oakland, California to Las Vegas. The deal would be similar to the one that brought Cabelas to the Verdi area. Clark County would issue bonds and the state would issue tax abatements. The Second would be for Sony Pictures to move from Los Angeles, California to Las Vegas. The Assembly Republican caucus has yet to be briefed on this potential bill.

As of the Friday deadline, approximately 370 bills and resolution were voted on and passed by the Assembly. These includes and the major money bills, including the K through 12 funding, the capital improvement funding and the general appropriations funding. All of them are now on the Governor’s desk. Per the Nevada Constitution, the K through 12 education funding bill needs to be passed (signed by the Governor) before any other money bills can be approved. As the Governor said on May 25, 2023, “I will repeat what I have previously stated. I will not sign any budget bills until my priorities are addressed. Period. So, before the Senate and Assembly take final action on these five budget bills today, tomorrow, or the next day, I suggest they reconsider their decision and delay final passage until the policy priorities that I spelled out on day one are on my desk.” The Democrats in the Legislature have not delivered on the Governor’s priorities, and the five bills were passed on a partisan vote (all Republican voted nay). This coming week, which is the last full week of the legislative session, and we will see whether the Governor vetoes the five budget bills or not.

My observation this session is that, during the 2019 and 2021 legislative sessions the Democrats were in control of both the Legislature and the Governor’s office, giving them unopposed control of the legislative process. This session they do not control the Governor’s office and do not have a veto-proof majority in the Senate. At this point they have appeared to over play their hand. As a result, I think it is going to be a very dynamic set of final days until “Sine die” on June 5, 2023, at midnight.

If you are in Carson, please contact my attaché, Jeff Welte, at 775-684-8848, or email me at and schedule a meeting. I am interested in hearing your concerns with particular bills.

I am glad to be representing all of you in District 26. See you next week!

Rich DeLong

Assemblyman, District 26

Minority Whip

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